At the Upside Cooperative, we are driven by a shared vision of a more profitable, equitable, and healthy society through the advancement of new paradigms around equity and ownership. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, our team of passionate professionals is distinguished by our expertise, and united by our commitment to democratic systems of organization and the empowerment of individuals.

Our platform,, enables organizations to share ownership with their communities, clients, and partners to align incentives, increase retention, and amplify growth. We believe that everyone who contributes value should have the opportunity to shape and benefit from the companies they help to build. By adopting our digital cooperative model, companies can tap into the knowledge, network, and resources of their communities and worker collectives, unlocking the power of the upside.

We invite you to join us in our mission to bring abundance and fairness to the economy. Discover how our approach and principles will support you in achieving your own goals as a client, user, or investor. Together, we can work towards a more equitable future -- let’s go collectively change the world!